Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

lesson 9

I believe that every harmless person deserves respect. People should treat everyone with respect as

long as you get it back. Respect is a huge key in the way you live and who you are. Respect is

not always given and i understand that, and i have understood that from a young age. People

don't always show it. People have got over on me, and i experienced disrespect when i know

i deserve respect when i didn't receive it. So that's why I strongly believe in people should show

more respect.

I believe that "Your heart is your best compass." this means that your heart is your instinct. You

should always follow it. You should always more than not, go with your first thought. Most people

make their mistakes trying not to make mistakes. I think you should just go with your gut feeling.

"Not everyone is meant to be in your future. Some people are just passing through to teach you

lessons in life." I really like that quote because, it is very true in life to anyone and everyone. I believe

it either will or has happened to everyone. I would advise everyone to be careful of who they put

their selves around because, not everyone is going to be there for you or be your real friend.

I have had fake friends that tried to take advantage of me, but I just take that as motivation and watch

who i hang around. Not everyone is a true friend, you just have to choose right from wrong.

I believe no one should be discriminated for what they act like or who they are or what color they

are. Everyone is created equal, We are all human beings. No one should be treated with

discrimination is what i say. But i see it many places i am.

Lesson 5

  1. Every man has a right to choose his own destiny.
  2. Your heart is your best compass.
  3. I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.
  4. The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, it's all that matters.
  5. Not everyone is meant to be in your future. Some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in life.

My favorite two are, 2&5.

I chose 2 and 5 because, they are how i have been feeling lately. I think your heart/instinct means alot

to a person and 99.9% you should always follow your heart and what it tells you. Most of the time it

will lead you to good. Your heart is everything and has many meanings to it. 

I think 5 is a prime example because, in the end of your life you aren't going to die with anyone. Its 

only you, Alot of the time you cant trust the closest people to you. You have to be careful for the 

ones you continue hanging around. There has been people I thought was there for me like i was, but 

they stole from me (i went to get it back, but still.) You cant let your guard down at anytime because,

people don't care alot of the time. I learn alot with who i hung out with, and that wont happen ever 

again. I make sure i don't get into trouble, and i do that by playing basketball , doing my homework, 

in the house alot and keeping a tight circle. Another reason i chose this is because, not everyone i 

used to know, is no longer in my life. Im not mad about it, i just be careful on trusting everyone.

One other reason 2 is an example is, your heart should be strong and not worry about the negative 

things around you. You should always do you, don't let anyone turn you to the bad side. Always 

follow what your heart tells you.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Lesson 2


Basketball Court
BC Park
LA Fitness
Summer School

Occupation Verbs:

Bike Hunting
Eating At Target
Playing 2K
Playing Basketball
Run Teams
Lay Down
Play Basketball At BC Park
Bike Hunt
Riding Bike
Listening To Music

Lesson 1

1.)  "Memory is the scribe of the soul." - Aristotle

Biking in the summer

Home coming Football game

Meeting my girlfriend

Getting better at basketball

Maple Grove with girlfriend

Bike hunting

Drills at the gym

Road trip to Florida 

Feeling like im Tony at the gym

Summer School

Chilling playing 2k 

BC park balling

My favorite memory was, biking all over town playing basketball. Going place to place with

my basically brother. Summer school, then hooping after it all the time. 

Lesson 3

There was a day where Carmelo Anthony had a chance to sign with multiple teams. The teams he 
could have signed with were where ever he basically wanted. But he looked into the Dallas Mavericks, 

Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, or to stay with the New York Knicks. That following off season, 

he decided to re-sign with the New York Knicks and take the full contract with them. And then later

that year, Phil Jackson decided to come back out of retirement. It shocked alot because, people thought 

Melo would want to go to Chicago to get a ring possibly sooner than with the New York Knicks. Plus

the Knicks weren't that good the year before. They didn't even make the playoffs. But he kept his word that 

he wont leave New York after he signed the first contract. The shocking part for Phil Jackson coming back

was that his health wasn't the best, and he didn't stay with LA. The reason many people believe Melo stayed

(including me) thought Phil coming back made Melo stay, because of all the things Phil Jackson 

accomplished in his years with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. 

Lesson 7


" When I was young, my understanding of events and people was simple: things were good or bad. This made it easier for me to deal with the world around me. Then, when I became a young man, things seemed far more complicated, and instead of black and white I saw grays everywhere I looked. This made life dense with motive and decision, and more challenging to navigate. Now, as a man in middle age, and a new father, I find that my view of the world is reducing itself to the simple again.
I think this is because I’m trying to be a good parent and teach my daughter what she needs to know about life. I naturally break complex things down into small pieces so I can explain them. And far from oversimplifying, I find this brings me back to the handful of important basics of being alive.
One of those basics is respect: respect for yourself, and respect for others. Whether it’s spelling, cartwheels, piano, I teach my daughter to try. To fail feels bad, certainly, but not to have tried feels worse, because you can’t respect yourself for it. And as the saying goes, if you don’t respect yourself, no one else is going to do it for you.
I remember once—I must have been seven or eight—I was playing at my cousin’s house with his toys. His family was better off than mine, and he had many more toys than I did. There was one in particular that I’d always wanted, and I slipped it into my pocket when he wasn't looking.
I dimly sensed, even at that age, that I would never be able to enjoy playing with the toy, nor would I ever again be able to look my cousin in the eye. I would always know I had stolen, and my opinion of myself would suffer.
His mother drove me home later, and when she dropped me off I shamefacedly pulled out the toy and gave it back. She knew, I’m sure, what had happened, but she thanked me and never spoke of it again.
I hope to help my daughter avoid similar mistakes, because I know she first has to gain self-respect before she can start truly respecting others. Then she’ll be able to see and accept in them the strengths and weaknesses she already sees and accepts in herself. This, I think, is a bonding mechanism almost as powerful as love.
So I believe in respect. Because without respect there’s no caring; and without caring, life is a harsh wasteland. Without respect we’re all enemies, with just the occasional bridge to a friend.
I’m not perfect in this regard, far from it. But I try my best, and I respect others for trying their best in this changing world. I respect people for trying, in whatever way they can, to live according to some internal standard—to raise their children to hope, to try, and to respect.
David Westwood worked extensively in advertising agencies and design studios in Britain before emigrating to the U.S., and he now works as an illustrator in Southern California. He is also an author, with eleven novels to date published under the name David Andrew Westwood. "

I believe this essay means that you should look at the world different. You 
should not only respect yourself but the people around you. Respect is a 
big thing and more people should have it. You should show respect where its 
deserved. It doesn't come easy though, you have to earn it. "Treat people how 
you want to be treated." Peoples respect change as things change around. 
(Author said). Also, he was saying respect basically evolves as you get older.
When your younger, its not much to you. Like how he stole the toy from his 

I Believe that this means alot because, respect is a huge thing many people 
deserve. Not everyone exact but the ones who never did anything, or never 
were fake deserve respect. The people that don't show it to you don't deserve it.
I chose this because, respect means alot to who you are and how people give 
you your respect. You don't have to like someone, just respect them. Thats how
i think of it. It was interesting because, you run into respect and disrespect all 
the time. The story the author told was a good example and i just like things 
about everyday respect.

Lesson 8

I believe everyone deserves flowers on their grave. - Elvia Bautista

Because, it is a true statement. I would think everyone in a way deserves respect and the condolences 

of another. Even though they weren't the best person. But not if they committed murder or nothing.   

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lesson 6

Life Lessons I've Learned 

I have learned in life that, not everything you want in life you get. I know any blind person could 

say that but its one of the most important things people should learn early. I think getting taught this

early really makes me who i am. I don't complain, i try to just accomplish what i want and work for 

it. Another thing i learned in life is that not everything you do is right and we all make 

mistakes/sinners. Thats just the way humans are. Thats why i like to be careful who i trust too.

Not everyone in the world will agree with what you have to say.